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the life of po

POPO turned 10 this year. i can't believe we've had our little family that long. where does the time go? 

i can't imagine our life without this little doggie. now he's a big brother to HONEY GIRL and showing her the ropes around the house. he shares his food with her (and she shares his food with him) and still asks to snuggle near me. 

yes, i sound like the crazy dog lady, but he has been the light in our lives these past 10 years. he has given us unconditional love and affection. 

so happy birthday, POPO! we love the POPO!


christmas season is here!


It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. - ABRAHAM LINCOLN

i'm an avid listmaker. i love lists! i love getting all my ideas, thoughts, tasks, and appointments down because i love checking off boxes and crossing things off. i get a feeling of accomplishment and it makes me feel good. geez. did i just write that? but y'all know what i mean. there's type A people out there that feel me. 

so it's no surprise that every single year i make a list for CHRISTMAS and the things i want to do to get in the spirit. however, i always feel disappointed in myself that i don't cross everything off, sometimes not even half the stuff on my list, because life gets hectic and the next thing you know, CHRISTMAS season is over. 

but this year, i'm not doing that. i'm not making a list this year (gasp!). this is big for me! 

the last few months have been, for me, practicing to be kinder to my self. i don't know if you feel this way but it's so easy to be harder on ourselves than we are with other people. we have compassion for others but save none for ourselves. why is that? 

that's been a question i've been asking myself (among others) this year. 

so this year, i'm going to be present. i'm going to relish the season. like, really enjoy it. 

THANKSGIVING this year had to be the most low stress, low-key, lowest expectation for me. it is one of, if not my most, favorite holidays of the year. i really had to practice chilling out. wow. i didn't realize how much stress is caused by me. little ol' me! for example, i'm a photographer. i picked up an old tradition that my dad had to take our  family portraits during this time of year. like all of my clients, i stressed over lighting, location, outfit coordination, the doggies camera ready, and happy (not hungry-for-turkey-are-you-done-yet))faces. it would cause so much stress (for me) and almost ruin my THANKSGIVING. but this year, i didn't care about all that. i reframed my thinking and said to myself, How does it get better than this? How did I get so lucky to be with the people that care about me the most and the people that i love?

let's be kind to ourselves this season and continue onto 2017, my people. you are doing your best. you are enough. 

hope you had a wonderful holiday week! 


santa monica lifestyle portrait photographer | albert + melanie

cuteness & fabulousness warning! the images you are about to see are super cute, romantic, stylish, and fun. you've been forewarned. if you can believe it, we only had 15 minutes to shoot in the carousel at SANTA MONICA PIER before they opened it up to the public. oh and by the way, ice cream and lollipops always work for our child "models" to keep them motivated and the energy up. professional tip, hee hee

without further adieu, ALBERT and MELANIE and kiddos!

to view the highlights from their fun session at the pier, click here, or scroll below!

~another one for the books, AL & MELANIE! i'm so glad you are documenting all this for your children, and for your wedding anniversary! thank you for choosing me to be your family photographer! can't wait to meet #3!


eagle rock lifestyle family photography | greg + sarah

GREG and SARAH. beautiful, lively family. i have had the pleasure of photographing their sons these past 3 years. it's been fun running after these kiddos. keeps me on my toes. they are wonderful parents with cute sons, and i love photographing them in these candid moments. here's two of their recent sessions (7 month old session & 1 year old session).

here are some faves from the last two sessions!

~GREG & SARAH, the producers of two of the cutest baby brothers i've photographed! i look forward to watching them grow up. you are inspirational, as parents, to both J. and i. bless you and your family. thank you for your friendship and kindness. i know you could choose anyone else to document your growing family, so, thank you.

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finding my way

some of you might (or might not) know that J. and i got our feet wet in parenthood. well...ok, it was more of a jump in a lake from a rope swing, launched right at the edge of a very high cliff. over, and over, and over again. 

but we're still here. 

our lives and workload changed. our lives were filled with meetings, and returning phone calls, and speeding to school, and rushing to practices, and shooing scarecrows from under the bed. our plates were full. so, hats off to parents. parenthood. no joke. 

we had some tender, good moments, too. like watching a TV show as a family that EVERYONE liked (THE FLASH), cheering from the bleachers, preparing snacks on game day, getting cards and crafts from school or daycare, nicknames, karaoke in the car, being called "mommy", the "i love you no matter what", hugs, kisses, and joyous laughter. these are the moments i want to cherish and remember for the rest of my life. i was a mother. 

so here i am. 

finding my way. 

i realized how much i missed writing. how i've always wanted to paint. how i like catching up with friends. so i'm taking time out to come back to me and my wants, needs, and taking care of self. 

i've been meeting a lot of new and interesting people along the way. i am having interesting, inspiring, heartfelt conversations with these people and finding a new and improved G. along the way. i am a G. that i is kinder to my self, more nurturing, and more curious about me. 

thank you for still being here on my journey. 

by the way, here's the new addition to our family, HONEY GIRL! she's a chihuahua + boston terrier mix. POPO's half sister from another mother. she's brought a little light to our lil' family.